Future Links October 20th 2014

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature Heidelberg’s technology showdown, Kodak’s R&D efforts, Essential Living’s new packaging, 3D modeling on an iPad, the first live demonstration of the PageMaster, speculations about HP’s upcoming announcement and the launch of New Zealand’s packaging forum.

Heidelberg presents showdown of two drying technologies
In a side-by-side comparison, Heidelberg will pit two Speedmasters against each other, one employing traditional IR-drying with oil-based inks and the other one featuring LE-UV drying. The challenge will take place at Heidelberg’s open house event on November 12 and 13 in Brentford and will also reveal the real-life costs and maintenance needs for each technology.
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Kodak strengthens R&D efforts with new investment
With a 100 million USD investment to foster innovation in this year alone, Kodak shows its strong commitment to reviving the brand and bringing new products to market. Kodak’s new CMO, Steven Overman, confirmed Kodak’s focus on strategic growth opportunities in an interview with FESPA’s Rob Fletcher.
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New packaging for Essential Living balances looks with legal requirements
Nutritious, organic foods and supplements deserve packaging that distinguishes them from simpler fares such as granola or brown rice. Make & Matter and Tina Bentley redesigned Essential Living’s boxes to emphasize the brand’s unique qualities while adhering to the requirements of multiple certification logos, FDA criteria and the highest standards of recyclability in the industry.
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New 3D modeling and printing app for the iPad turns amateurs into pros
Until now, CAD software has been made for experts with years of training and experience. The advent of 3D printers for hobbyist has changed that. The newest addition: Sage, an intuitive 3D modeling and printing app for non-technical people.
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First live demonstration of the PageMaster announced
Bielomatik-Matti will present the first-ever live run of its roll-fed PageMaster printer at an open house on November 18th – 26th in Neuffen, Germany. The PageMaster can convert and process brochures and notebooks at speeds of up to 300sq m per minute.
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Will HP make a 3D announcement?
Will this be the big one? As soon as Hewlett Packard announced its media event on October 29, 2014 in New York, industry insiders started to speculate. They expect that HP will announce its plans for the 3D printing space.
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New Zealand’s packaging forum focuses on recycling
The new packaging forum in New Zealand has launched. It is the successor of the Glass Packaging Forum (GPF) and has extended its range of services to cover all packaging materials.  In its first meeting, it emphasized the need to improve recycling rates. The European average recovery rate for packaging was 78% in 2012 with a 65% recycling rate compared to 56% in New Zealand, according to 2010 data.
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