Future Links October 6th 2014

Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers reports about HP’s plan to spin off its PC and printer business, Nestlé’s edible ink, an innovative poster printing and shipping service for rock stars, a live venue that turned into a digital and print storytelling magazine, DG3’s acquisitions, packaging with a recyclable seaweed coating and a color 3D printer.

HP reportedly plans to spin off PC and printer business
Hewlett-Packard is expected to announce a spin-off of its printer and PC business later today. The PC and printer business will be turned into an independent, publicly traded company as early as next year, according to media reports.
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Nestlé develops edible ink
The food giant Nestlé has filed a patent application for an inkjet printing process that covers food with edible ink. The process was developed by Nestec, Nestlé’s R & D arm. The process has been tested on Nestlé’s Smarties brand and could expand the use of inkjet printing in the food and medical industry.
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Rock-star service from print, label and shipping company
When musicians plan to go on tour, shipping band posters to the venues around the country is usually not among the most favorite activities. The company Bandposters was founded in October 2013 to help with this. It offers the full range of services from printing to labeling and shipping for 15 USD per tour stop. So far, more than 1000 artists in the U.S. have used the platform.
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Pop-Up magazine’s founders create new digital and print editions
It started as an event dedicated to great storytelling. Two or three times a year, well-known authors from the San Francisco Bay Area met at a venue to present their narratives spontaneously to a live audience. The event, called Pop-Up Magazine, has now transformed into a media company with a print edition, which will publish original articles by (and for) Californians on a mobile app and a website as well as in a glossy, monthly print edition packaged with Sunday issues of the San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, and Sacramento Bee.
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DG3 acquires Marange Printing and MPI
To increase its capacity to provide integrated full service graphic communication solutions and wholly integrated mailing to its financial, pharmaceutical and corporate clients, the Diversified Global Graphics Group (DG3) acquired two companies. Marange Printing and practically all of MPI Mailing Services’s assets will now be under common ownership.
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Packaging made from seaweed one step closer
Food packaging waste has now reached 45 million tons per year in Europe. The Alexir Partnership, a leading carton board manufacturer in the UK, wants to bring down this number. With research partners and support from the European Commission, Alexir has developed a biodegradable and recyclable seaweed coating for packaging that could reduce the amount of food packaging waste in the future.
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Italian 3D printer adds color to its objects
In 3D printing, the options for printing in color are limited. This could change soon. The Italian 3D printer manufacturer 3D MakerLab has developed the Multiextruder NPr2 that can currently print in four colors but will be able to print in six colors soon. Right now the printer is still in the prototype stage but the manufacturer hopes to have it ready to hit the market before the 2014 Christmas season.
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