Future Links September 30th 2014

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature Global Trends and Forecast of magnetic ink recognition, pressured costs in print and packaging, new packaging for candies, Screens new inkjet printer, a new magazine “Print Isn’t Dead”, the four core packaging trends, Motley Fool’s advice on stocks to invest in 3D printing and South Africa’s 3D printing revolution.

Magnetic ink recognition devices market
Magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) technology has been into existence since 1950,  predominantly used by the banks and other financial institutes. Transparencymarketresearch.com has made a „Magnetic Ink Recognition Devices Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends And Forecast 2014 – 2020“.
More at researchreportindustry

Print and packaging costs under pressure
The prices of certain printing chemicals have risen by up to 50 % in recent months, while tension in the Middle East and Eastern Europe has affected solvent prices. According to Flint Group, Print and packaging costs are being driven upwards and especially producers of “bon-acid”, used in the production of inks, had been hit by environmental regulations.
More at supplymanagement

Candy Cups
Stora Enso and AR Packaging created a new packaging concept for chocolate and sweets. The Candy Cups are made of 100 per cent renewable resources. Wilfried Schmahl, Segment Development Manager for chocolate and sweets at Stora Enso, says the concept is offering new marketing opportunities for several product groups.
More at neue-verpackung

Screen launches 1200dpi inkjet printer
Screen is releasing a new ‘high definition’ inkjet printer, which should produce better quality than ever before and print on more materials. The company says the new Truepress Jet 520HD takes high volume inkjet printing to a quality level not achieved before.
More at proprint

Print isn’t dead
Staff at People at Print created a new UK-based magazine „Print Isn’t Dead“ to show that the reports of prints death have been greatly exaggerated. The publication launched on Aug. 21 and aims to showcase the creative use of print in all forms.
More at mastheadonline

DHL highlights four core packaging trends
Green materials including mushrooms and bamboo are being explored as one of four core packaging trends, according to Paul Young, director and head of packaging services DHL Supply Chain.
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3 Best stocks to invest in 3D printing
According to Motley Fool, the best way to invest in 3D printing stocks is to buy several of them. This is caused by the difficulty to know which existing company will ultimately emerge a winner. Fool is giving an overview why to invest in 3D printing and in which stocks at best.
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South Africa’s 3D printing revolution
“We need to accelerate our efforts to get [additive manufacturing] into industry and manufacturing,” says Beeuwen Gerryts, director of advanced manufacturing technologies at the department of science and technology. Thus science and technology department, in conjunction with the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), academia and industry, are developing an additive manufacturing technology road map to plot the course for South African companies and manufacturers in this “new revolution”. The major South African investment in 3D printing has been in the additive manufacturing of titanium.
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