[Guest Article] It’s Never Too Late to Think Ahead
How Attending the Print & Digital Convention Will Win You the Race

Print & Digital Convention 2019 is just around the corner. Gerd Van Gils from Chili Publish adduces some good reasons why the event is a must-see for the printing industry in his guest article.

In the ever changing world of print and digital output, it pays off to keep your finger on the pulse. That’s why we all need to attend events that offer vital insights into the need for communication, and how best to optimize it in 2019 and onwards.

Print is a powerful tool, but for some companies it has lost some of its relevance. Thankfully, just because something has been pushed to the background doesn’t mean it has shed any of its power or potential. It just needs a little extra spice. Customers expect far more from the modern communication mix, and that means print needs to transform in order to earn its place. They want to access more information and hyper-personalization and that calls for new technology and innovation.

So it’s time to automate this process, make the right information more relevant and more accessible – and more quickly! And for me, one of the best places in the industry to bring them all together is the Print & Digital Convention. It’s a melting pot bubbling with creative juices. A place where the stakeholders of that flavorsome mix come together as both vendor and visitor, sharing ideas, making connections and creating new business opportunities.

Level the Playing Field

It’s safe to say the world of print is undergoing a transformation right now. A metamorphosis that’s bridging the gap between traditional print avenues and the endless potential of digital. And the only sure-fire way to spark inspiration is through a steady stream of communication. And that’s not just via new technological advances, but through different types of applications. Great minds and voices coming together to find new and exciting marketing ideas. It’s a cross-pollination of communication best practice that pushes you to evaluate how you work and how you can optimize your workflow.

You need to know every marketing Euro you spend is worth it, and that includes truly enhancing the communication process. We all know that a lot of downstream processes have already been heavily optimized – all the way from pre-production methods to the nitty-gritty of logistics – but there’s still a great deal of progress to be made by perfecting your communication gear. The earlier you find that sweet spot, the better, and the insight into the potential results you’ll acquire at this year’s show is bound to impact your business, whether you’re a brand owner, a printer or an agency. It’s never too late to think ahead, and you’ll always benefit from a little foresight.

Automate your Engines

Here at CHILI publish, automation has become a core focus of our business odyssey. We’ve embedded this central CORE value ­– Create Once, Repurpose Everywhere – in everything we do and it’s helped our clients embrace the importance of an omnichannel platform. There’s a real desire out there for communication-ready asset graphics, and it’s at gatherings such as the Print & Digital Convention that like-minded companies can come together to help facilitate that union between print and digital. Last year’s meetings sparked inspiring conversations with people analyzing their game, gear and team. The potential was there, they just needed to optimize their starting point, to win the race.

Ready, Set, Roar.

Establishing the direction of successful communication along an array of media channels is what the Print & Digital Convention is all about. We all grow if we get into grid, buckle up for some solid flag-to-flag action and give it all we’ve got. Ready for a roaring session? See you at my presentation.

Gentlemen, start your engines…

P.S. Join me on May 7th at 13h45. I’ll focus on the pillars of establishing a successful business in a challenging market, elaborate on how applying CORE can optimize your starting point and ultimately drive your growth acceleration. Talk to me via https://bit.ly/2XFDvmo


About the Author:

Gerd van Gils is a seasoned sales and marketing professional spanning 20 years of experience in international, complex and capital-intensive product and service environments. He generates, secures and nurtures opportunity leads. His specialities include uncovering needs, overcoming concerns to create, build and cultivate relationships. Keeping a constant focus on consistent quality and clarity, Gerd van Gils is currently Business Development Manager at CHILI publish.

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