Happy Holidays! Make Your Christmas Card Stand Out From the Crowd With Augmented Reality

It’s Christmas time! Every year we send out beautifully designed Christmas cards to friends and customers to show that we are thinking of them. But how about making your cards stand out from the crowd this year by bringing them to life with the help of augmented reality.

Are you tired of all these normal holiday cards you send out every year to friends or to your customers? Sure, there are many pretty cards and it’s a quick and easy way to wish them happy holidays, but what about making your card stand out from the crowd this year – with the help of augmented reality (AR)?

AR Is An Exciting Technology That Can Bring Your Christmas Cards to Life

With this kind of holiday card you can make a memorable deposit in your relationships and show people that you think of them, it reminds your customers why they love you by emphasizing the best parts of your brand, like your innovative spirit or your sense of humour and you can easily invite them to continue the conversation. Beyond delivering a heartfelt holiday message, augmented reality is the perfect technology to engage your customers in christmas-themed games.

Why You Should Use Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is still new and exciting to most people, so you can easily create a true wow effect with simple AR applications. And because AR is an inherently interactive technology, it has the ability to direct your customers from your holiday card to a digital channel, making it easier to continue the conversation on mobile later. Additionally, AR has the great advantage not to be bound to common physical limitations. There is no limit to the number of words or the layout space.

During the last years AR has come up to nearly every aspect of modern media, and it is still evolving. There will be lots of new advances and usages of this technology for sure.

Yes, a traditional greeting card will let your customers and friends know you’re thinking of them, too. But with the help of AR you can say much more, through video storytelling, games, 3D models, and social engagement. And it adds a kind of magic to your card, you have a great wow factor. So why don’t you send an unforgettable holiday message and delight your friends, family or customers with augmented reality Christmas cards.

In this sense: Happy holidays!

What do you think about augmented reality Christmas cards? Are there other areas in which AR inspires you? Tell us in the comments.

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