Industry Voices on the 8th drupa Global Trends Report

Longstanding drupa fans are of course familiar with the Global Trends Report, which was recently published in its eighth edition. But how do industry experts view its results and is there any finding that particularly stands out?

The 8th Global Trends Report is a Must-Have


The 8th drupa Global Trends Report has now been available for a month. This is the first edition since the survey 2019, with industry experts from manufacturers, suppliers and print service providers worldwide contributing to the otherwise annual report. Anyone who wants to gain insights into technology trends, market developments, investment plans is well served by our Global Trends Report. For this edition, it can be said that the global print industry is recovering from the effects of the pandemic and that confidence levels are recovering across the globe as economic momentum builds post-Covid, but that major socio-economic challenges lie ahead for all.


But what does the printing industry think about our 8th Global Trends Report? Is it worth investing in the report to get access to insights and relevant market developments? We have collected some expert comments for you.


François Martin (BOBST): “Information Requires Diversity and drupa Reports Contribute to it”

“The relevant content, layout and graphs of drupa Global Trends Report are an effective way to get, in a short amount of time, the pulse of the industry. Accessing printers and converters data across all regions of the world is a great addition to analyst’s reports and social media posts. Information requires diversity and drupa reports contribute to it.”

François Martin,
Marketing & Communication, BOBST



Sandra Küchler (Druck & Medien Magazin): “Our industry thrives not only on technology, but above all on people”

“The drupa Global Trends Report provides a comprehensive orientation for the industry. Taking stock of the situation after the toughest years of the Corona pandemic is elementarily important in order to obtain an up-to-date picture of the printing industry. I was impressed by the fact that printers worldwide now assess their situation as being even better than before the pandemic. This shows how resilient the printing industry is and how innovative it is.

Fotocredit: Jan Roeder

The current challenges posed by the war in Ukraine are also reflected in the drupa Global Trends Report, including increased costs for materials and energy. However, the report also shows that print shops are successful if they plan ahead and strategically. This includes investing in machinery and in employees. After all, our industry thrives not only on technology, but above all on people.”

Sandra Küchler,
Chief Editor, Druck & Medien Magazin


Jacob George (PRESSIdeas, India): “The 8th drupa Global Trends Report again lives up to its reputation as a guiding force for the print industry”

Fotocredit: @PRESSIdeas Publishing Pvt Ltd., India.

“It’s very encouraging that the industry’s confidence levels are high and printers and suppliers report strong capital expenditure plans in the coming time. Packaging confidence drives growth for offset, flexo and finishing while digital boosts the segments of cut-sheet colour. Meanwhile, the web-to-print shows equally encouraging growth. The point that print is still a central means of communication as confirmed by the world’s most comprehensive and precise report is indeed very promising. The 8th drupa Global Trends Report again lives up to its reputation as a guiding force for the print industry.”

Jacob George,
PRESSIdeas, India.



Claudia Benelli (Ferrarini & Benelli Srl): “This is the time to invest and be prepared to grow”

“Ferrarini & Benelli srl in Italy is a supplier working in the packaging market. We produce corona and plasma surface treatment systems. The result of the report gives us a positive outlook for the future and makes us feeling part of the global market, as we recognize ourselves and our thoughts in the report results.
We are facing a very difficult and unprecedented period, due to the Covid pandemic, global supply chain difficulties, regional wars, rising inflation, labour shortage and climate change, as most of the companies in the world, as the report confirms. However, it is good to know that our resilience and optimism for the future is shared with most of the companies of the packaging market.

The report also confirmed our overlook of the packaging market especially in Asia and South America. Hopefully Europe will become more optimistic in the near future once the Russian-Ukraine war will finally get to an end. Regarding print technology in the packaging market, the report confirms our view and trust in the flexo technology. The report assesses flexo investment is a clear winner for packaging (39%) and gravure and hybrid offset/flexo/digital should not be overlooked for the same market (both 14%). This is the time to invest and be prepared to grow.”

Claudia Benelli,
General Manager, Ferrarini & Benelli Srl


You can purchase the 8th Global Trends Report here or browse through the free Executive Summaries available in seven languages.


Have you had a look at the Global Trends Report and were you particularly surprised by specific developments? Or have you been able to draw a personal learning from the results? Then feel free to share it with us!

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