5 inspiring interactive print ads

Many companies managed to create print ads that are both interactive and entertaining. Here’s some inspiration for the weekend showing that paper ads have definitely made some great transformation and can be just as engaging as TV commercials.

Ads on paper often do look the same: Some quality pictures combined with a catchy slogan. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Many companies managed to create print ads that are both interactive and entertaining. Here’s some inspiration for the weekend, showing that paper ads have made great progress and can be just as engaging as TV commercials.

Colored up

With the Moto X, Motorola offered the new option of customizing your phone without having to buy a case. When ordering, buyers were able to choose between two cases in various colors and had the option to print a custom message on the back of the device. To really make people feel how much fun it is to design their phone, the company developed a creative print ad. It allowed readers of Wired to design their Moto X right in the magazine via wafer-thin LEDs and batteries. By tapping controls located at the bottom of the page, they were able to change the color of the phone.


Charge while the sun shines

Is there something more annoying on a day out these days than having your smartphone run out of battery? Especially, if you need it for navigation or if you want to contact your friends to meet up. Nivea had a great solution for that which is environmentally friendly at the same time: They added a solar powered smartphone charger right into their print ad. With a wafer-thin solar panel you can charge up your phone at the beach or at a picnic, on the meadow or wherever you want.


Hit the ad

Some ads you really want to punch. But this one you hit for another reason:
Because it actually tells you to. Peugeot promoted the safety of their new car in the most realistic way possible with print: By giving the steering wheel a bump, a mini version of the airbag opens up.


Tasteful marketing

Fanta managed to let people experience their newly improved taste of Fanta Orange – without even handing out the product itself. Instead, the company created edible marketing. Fanta printed their ad on ricepaper with the taste of the new lemonade and added these to several magazines.


Open for creativity

This ad doesn’t give you something to consume but it helps you with it. For delivering their marketing message, Carlsberg didn’t need any fancy technology or attractive imaging. The page contained just plain instructions: How to fold the paper to make it an opener for a bottle of beer.


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