Multifunctional “All-in-One” Badge at PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION

As PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION is as close as it can get, we want to introduce you to our final highlight project: the multifunctional “All-in-One” NFC badge. The “All-in-One” badge contains an NFC chip integrated in the paper that guides participants to all relevant trade fair information while offering various other advantages to make things easier and simpler.

The "All-in-One" badge contains an NFC chip integrated in the paper, which guides participants to all relevant trade fair information.

The “All-in-One” badge contains an NFC chip integrated in the paper, which guides participants to all relevant trade fair information.

For highlight project number seven (Listed as number 6 in the highlight-guide) we have yet again something unique: Medienhaus Gather GmbH (Medienhaus Gather), the specialist for paper with function and added value is joining PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION (PDC) again as an exhibitor this year. They have partnered up with NFC21 GmbH (NFC21), a business that focuses on NFC technology and will have their first attendance as an exhibitor at #PrintDigitalCon this year and Fachverband Medienproduktion e.V.  (f:mp) to present the multifunctional “All-in-One” badge.

Join us at the congress trade show and you can get the badge after check-in. What makes it so special? The data stored on the integrated NFC chip that is in the paper contains all important information about PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION, which can be retrieved with a simple scan. The badge complements printed information about the trade fair, thus allowing for another option to get all the necessary facts. This combination of NFC technology with print is setting a new standard for the printing industry.

“As a media bridge between print and digital, NFC is ideally suited to increase the product experience and offer customers added value,”

says Werner Gaulke, Technical Managing Director of NFC21, who in his session on the second day of PDC will give insights into how (print) products can be enhanced with NFC technology.

Data Transfer with NFC

NFC is an abbreviation some might have heard of before, as it stands for “Near Field Communication.” It is integrated in most of today’s smartphones and makes it possible to exchange small amounts of data at close distances. NFC offers the opportunity to retrieve or view information easily and quickly with a simple scan. Many companies and businesses have been making use of NFC for a while, as it allows to save resources, make products more digital and consequently more attractive and sustainable. Thanks to the different and broad implementation possibilities that NFC provides, there are suitable, tailor-made solutions for all customers and industries. The technology can for example be used for cataloging, various marketing measures such as advertising, or trade fair appearances.

Remaining in the trade fair universe, here is an example to show what NFC can offer and how it makes things more comfortable: Wifi access can be simplified as trade fair visitors can automatically connect to the guest network when picking up their “all-in-one” badge by means of a simple NFC scan (Android will connect automatically, iOS via an additional app).

Paper with Function

“Our patching method is ideal to supplement classic print products with various functions and functionalities,”

emphasizes Carola Gather. Many customers come to them with an idea and together they develop new products.

“We can often offer solutions on existing print products.  This qualification of existing resources protects the environment, the wallet and, above all, the nerves of our customers,”

explains the Managing Director of Medienhaus Gather.

“Our products are based on holistic and result-oriented solutions. They are perfectly tailored to the requirements of our customers and fit perfectly into the production process.”

To update classic print products with various functionalities is a tradition at Gather. At this year’s PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION, the specialists will once again be presenting new possibilities to equip classical print media with new functional components, such as product packaging. Application related highlights make the possibilities of the technology not only comprehensible, but also the advantages of combining print and NFC visible.

Are you interested in more information about this highlight project? The Medienhaus Gather GmbH team can be found at booth A15, right next to NFC21 at booth A21. Pay them a visit while you are at PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION.

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