Pioneering Solutions from drupa innovation park 2016: Alwan Color Expertise

In the drupa innovation park we offered promising start-ups from the printing sector and businesses revolutionizing the industry with pioneering solutions a platform to presented their products. Among the 130 exhibitors was Alwan Color Expertise.

Alwan Color Suite

Have you already seen the start-up area on our blog? Within this new category we are going to present promising start-ups from the printing sector and renowned businesses revolutionizing the industry with innovative solutions. We get started with Alwan Color Expertise a software company from France that displayed two pioneering solutions in our drupa innovation park (dip) during last years’ show.

Sabine Geldermann: “The dip is a Fantastic Way to Present Forward Looking Solutions”

We could not summarize the idea behind dip better than our director drupa Sabine Geldermann:

“The dip is a fantastic way for young companies and start-ups as well as global players with forward looking solutions and applications to present themselves. Since its first appearance at drupa 2004, it has made a name for itself in the industry as a pioneering technology and solution platform for the international print and media industry and we are building on this success.”

In 2016 Alwan Color Expertise was among the 130 exhibitors contributing to the dip’s success. Six theme parks covering topics such as multichannel publishing, marketing solutions, web-to-media & e-commerce, process optimization & automation, added value in print, innovations in printing technologies and business models took up 3.000 square meters. It was no surprise that this inspiring and creative area in hall 7.0 met a very positive response and was well attended. After all 55 percent of our drupa visitors were looking for trends and innovations.

Elie Khoury: “Our Innovations Make Printers’ Lifes Easier“

Our dip energy lounge served as a community meeting point and promoted the interactive dialogue between all participants. Within this scope we had the pleasure to interview Elie Khoury, president of Alwan Color Expertise, who founded the company in 1997. Since then it has become a leading enterprise when it comes to standardization and color management.

To put it in a nutshell: Alwan Color Expertise presented two new solutions to offer stakeholders in the printing workflow end-to-end-solutions for the color management of printed products. Its programme for spot color definition and automated press profiling techniques aim to enable their clients to achieve predictable and producible proofs and prints on all their products and produce more and cheaper, with unaltered print quality.

Accurate Spot Colors for Brand Owners by Alwan Color Expertise

Automated Press Profiling for Printers by Alwan Color Expertise

Elie Khoury: “drupa 2016 was Beyond my Expectations“

When asked about his personal resume of drupa 2016, Alwan president Khoury stated that the show was a complete and succeeded his expectations. Have you traced how Alwan Color Expertise’s launched innovations performed in the aftermath and benefited our industry? Share your experiences in the comment section.

Image Source: Messe Düsseldorf / ctillmann

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