Print Has Got its Mojo Back: 4th drupa Global Trends Report 2017

The 4th Global Trends report was conducted in October 2016 following a very successful drupa amongst 1.200 participants with a good cross section from all the main market sectors and regions.


As the anniversary of drupa 2016 is approaching, it is a perfect time to introduce our 4th annual drupa Global Trends report. In autumn 2016, we refreshed this expert panel of printers and suppliers from amongst the visitors of drupa 2016. In order to find out if print is recovering from the double hit of the global recession and the impact of digital communications, we asked nearly 1.200 participants with a good cross section from all the main market sectors and regions. In total 839 printers and 331 suppliers participated to track key economic and market developments across the global printing industry. The majority was from Europe, but all the other regions were well represented, too.

drupa Printer and Supplier Barometers 2017

In general both printers and suppliers showed a more cautious and simultaneously more realistic outlook for the upcoming year than in our previous Global Trends reports. But still they signal in almost all cases confidence for 2017: When asking them how they rate the current economic situation of their companies and how they expect their companies’ economic situations to develop over the next 12 months, 42 percent of printers and 56 percent of suppliers described their business as in a good economic state.

Our 4th Global Trends report followed the successful drupa, where the interviewed experts saw a broad variety of technical demonstrations and innovations. Therefore it is no surprise that they hold ambitious plans to invest in the future of our industry. Strong plans for capital investment exist on each side – particularly with finishing as a priority for printers and with the development of fresh sales channels as a preference for suppliers. Globally printers report better financial conditions this year on all topics, whilst the suppliers report a decline on all topics. However, the various markets and regions are likely to experience mixed fortunes equally.

Learnings From Our Global Trends Report

Taking every finding from our Global Trends report into consideration, we have to state that the way our industry works is still about to change. Printers and suppliers have to take the plunge to efficiency and automation now at the latest if they aim to still meet the market challenges and succeed in the long term. Furthermore it is key to learn new skills and develop new added value services to compete. But all in all, we have the pleasure to announce that print has got its ‘mojo’ back.

Now, it is time to leave the field to our drupa Director Sabine Geldermann summing up the Global Trends report perfectly:

“Last year’s drupa showcased a global print industry that has regained its confidence in the future, with lots of fresh technology and applications demonstrated to enthuse both printers and their customers alike. This report shows that whilst levels of confidence vary between regions and markets, overall the print industry is on the up and will invest strongly to secure a prosperous future.”

There is Much More to Our Global Trends Report

Thanks to all participants, Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, in its role as drupa organizer, and our two partners for conducting and authoring this report series, Printfuture (UK) and Wissler & Partner (Switzerland).

In order to get more insights and to find out how the identified developments affect the distinct end market sectors and different regions contributing to our report, our executive summary of the results is available in PDF format (in German, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese). The complete English version is now available from Messe Düsseldorf for EUR 249.00 as a PDF download.

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