Printing With Silicone-Based Inks

Boston Industrial Solutions has a leadership role in the field of innovative inks. The highlight of their product range are silicone-based inks, which are perfect for printing on items made of silicone rubber.

Have you ever tried to print something onto a silicone-based item and noticed that it is not really easy to do? The major challenge for printers with silicone is, that common inks are not able to cure on it. Traditional solvent-based screen and pad printing inks will easily rub off the product and are therefore not really suitable. As the only thing, which sticks to silicone, is silicone itself, Boston Industrial Solutions started their innovative development of new inks exactly at this point.

Costumer Comes First at Boston Industrial Solutions

The technology company for printing needs from Woburn Massachusetts, has a leadership role in the field of innovative inks. With its variety of silicone-based inks they became a real pioneer in the market. They follow their motto “Enabling Innovations” within their complete workflow. For example, they offer a special customer service by making free complementary ink adhesion tests for any silicone product as well as a 24-hour turnaround for all ink colour matchings. Important for them is to work one on one with the customer and to use technology to make it easy to work with them.

“Our interest in the printing market is to solve customer challenges and develop cutting edge solutions and technologies that are easy to use and help move the ink industry forward. In addition to solving difficult to print materials challenges, we are also interested in improving existing printing inks and printing methods – we believe that there is room for advancement,”

says Jayson French from Boston Industrial Solutions.

Natron SE & DC Silicone Ink

One of the company’s highlights is the development of new silicone-based inks, like the Natron SE Silicone ink. It was specially designed for pad printing and screen printing on any object made from silicone, such as in promotional, medical, toys, drink-ware and industrial applications. Furthermore it has a very high opacity, gloss and flexibility compared to any other ink. The ink is so adhesive that it seemingly becomes part of the product. Another major advantage comes with the Natron DC Silicone Ink, which is for pad printing and screen printing on silicone-based objects that cannot be cured with heat, for instance, heat sensitive silicone rubber products like speakers. Additionally, it has the same key features as the SE ink, as it has a high opacity, gloss and flexibility and the same adhesive quality.

“We’ve developed several silicone ink lines for printing onto silicone rubber using various printing methods, e.g. pad printing, screen printing and spraying,”

says French.

“These ink lines are superior to any other in the world in terms of compliance, opacity, available colours and ease of use.”

There is More to Come

Boston Industrial Solutions lives for the challenges. As there are many challenges for their costumers every day, they want to solve these problems with offering the right solutions. They see themselves as a high innovative company, keen to revolutionise the ink industry, to develop the needed technologies and to take the chances these innovations bring along. Or as Jayson French says:

“We see ourselves creating new innovations/technologies that will drive the ink industry and printing world forward. Our view is that the future is bright. It is a great time to be in the ink industry.”

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    11. May 2019 3:08

    do you deal with any customer in canada???who could print on sillicone items!

    • Christiane Hermann
      26. June 2019 13:04

      Thank you for your message. With our article we just inform about this process, but we don’t aim to sell a respective technology since we are a trade fair and don’t supply products ourselves.
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      Your drupa team

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