#PrintingProfessions – Bookbinder

As part of the #PrintingProfessions series, we provide insights into exciting professions in the printing industry. One of them is the bookbinder. Here you find all information about the qualified job.

Printing Professions

Today, the #PrintingProfessions series deals with presenting the work of the bookbinder, how the dual vocational training looks like, whitch furure prospects await bookbinders-to-be.

A trained bookbinder designs and produces book covers. He brings together loose pages of a book and tops it off with an artistically designed book cover. In the dual vocational training, the trainee learns the manual craft but also the historical development and mathematical knowledge.

Tob e honest: In the age of digitalisation, the career prospects of a fully trained bookbinder are not exactly good. Nevertheless, there are niche areas in which bookbinders can live out their passion. In addition, the current counter-movement to digitalisation should not be underestimated. After all more and more people appreciate the aesthetics and feel of a good book.

See the German blog version for more information!

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