#PrintingProfessions – Industrial mechanic

As part of the #PrintingProfessions series, we provide insights into exciting professions in the printing industry. One of them is the industrial mechanic. Here you find all information about the qualified job.

Printing Professions

Continue with our #PrintingProfessions. The printing industry offers many different professions, including industrial mechanic. In this blog article you can find out what skills are required for this german training, what the everyday life of an industrial mechanic looks like and what kind of future awaits those interested in the printing industry.

What does an industrial mechanic do?

The everyday life of an industrial mechanic is anything but boring. While others work on the assembly line, they are the ones who build this machine. Industrial mechanics assemble individual machine components into large systems and build workpieces. In addition, they program the functions of the machine and check whether everything runs smoothly. Regular quality controls are part of the work of an industrial mechanic, as are the repair and maintenance of the machines.

The workplace is usually located where there are large production machines, i.e. in workshops, workshops or factory halls. An alternative for industrial mechanics is to work in customer consulting.

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