#PrintingProfessions: Information Electronics Technician, Office System Technology

It’s time for a new article in our #PrintingProfessions series, in which we present exciting professions in the printing industry every month. This time, it’s all about the profession of information electronics technician, office system technology

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In our latest article in the #PrintingProfessions series, we introduce you to the exciting field of information electronics technician with a focus on office system technology. Formerly Office Information Electronics Technician, the training was renamed in 1999 and divided into two main areas: office systems technology and devices and system technology. Today we take a closer look at the first one.

H2: What does an Information Electronics Technician: Office System Technology do?

A world without technology? Unimaginable for us today! Especially in offices, PCs, printers, scanners, telephone systems and various networks are ubiquitous. But what if a malfunction occurs? That’s when the information technician: office system technology comes into play: In addition to maintenance and repair work, he is also in demand by installing programs or setting up new devices. In summary, the information electronics technician, office systems technology is responsible for all technical equipment used in offices.

H2: What requirements should the Information Electronics Technician, Office System Technology have?

For maintenance and repair work, care and patience are required first and foremost, because troubleshooting can sometimes be quite tedious. Besides, the information technician should bring along devices and system technology manual skill, since with some repair work sometimes a cable must be soldered together or small components installed. You feel addressed, keep yourself up to date with TechNews and can thoroughly explain complicated issues? Then this training is exactly the right thing for you!

H2: What does training as an Information Electronics Technician, Office System Technology look like?

The dual training as an information electronics technician: device and systems engineering usually takes three and a half years, but can be shortened to three years if you perform very well. In addition to the practical contents in a training company, you will acquire theoretical knowledge in the vocational school. In addition to general subjects such as physics, ethics and economics, you will take subjects such as metalworking, electrical and modulation engineering. You can find the right training company, in companies in the information technology trade or with manufacturers of office systems.

H2: What happens next?

You can follow up with further training and become a master craftsman. Thus nothing stands in the way of independence. Additionally, there is the possibility of studying engineering and electrical engineering. For this, you first need a technical college entrance qualification, which you will receive with your master’s degree.

Does the training as an information electronics technician, office system technology device and system technology suit you? If not, you will find other exciting jobs in the printing industry here.

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