#PrintingProfessions: Media Business Administrator Print and Digital

As part of the #PrintingProfessions series, we provide insights into exciting professions in the printing industry. One of them is the media business administrator. Here you find all information about the qualified job.

Printing Professions

Our #PrintingProfessions series, in which we give an overview of all relevant professions in the printing industry, continues. This time we will take a look at the profession of the media business administrator.

In Germany, you can learn the profession of a media business administrator in form of  a further education. The basis for this is a prior dual vocational training in the media industry. In addition, people who already have 6 years of professional experience in the media industry can also take the advanced training examination at the IHK (Industrie und Handelskammer).

Media business administrators take over executive functions. They are the all-rounders in the media industry. Especially in media companies they therefore make a valuable contribution, as there is a great focus on organisational issues.

See the German blog version for more information!

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