#PrintingProfessions – Media Designer Digital and Print

As part of the #PrintingProfessions series, we provide insights into exciting professions in the printing industry. One of them is the media designer digital and print. Here you find all information about the qualified job.

Printing Professions

In our recent series #PrintingProfessions, we present an overview of the possible professions in the printing industry. This blog article deals with the German training occupation of the media designer digital and print. It is a dual vocational training, which means that part of the training is done at a vocational school and the other part in a company. The training is completed with a final examination. If the trainee has passed this exam, he or she is a state-certified media designer. Whether his subject area is digital or print depends on his training company.

The digital and print media designer conceives, drafts and designs media. There are no limits to which media he works on as they range from printed products like flyers, packaging, magazines and catalogues up to digital content like e-books and websites.

What Attributes Should Future Media Designers Have for Digital and Print Media?

Creativity, as well as the courage to try out new things are among the basic prerequisites for a prospective media designer. This means that a media designer must always stay up to date with the latest trends, but also with hardware and software. In addition, media designers are team players and their communication skills not only help them with their training and work, but also with their customers. Due to tight schedules and increased deadline pressure, resilience is another important criterion that a good media designer should bring along in order to enjoy his work. Good math and English skills are of advantage. However, there is no concrete requirement for the necessary school leaving certificate. Most trainees have completed their (technical) A-levels and a small part has a Realschulabschluss.

What Does the Training as a Media Designer for Digital and Print Media Look Like?

Interested parties can find advertisements for the dual vocational training as a digital and print media designer from a wide variety of training companies: publishing houses, printers, advertising and multimedia agencies to communication and advertising departments in companies. In most cases, the decision as to whether the trainee will be trained in digital or print is made at the very outset of the selection process.

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