#PrintingProfessions – Media Technology Specialist in the Field of Printing

The media technology specialist in the field of printing is one of many exciting professions in the printing industry. In the new drupa blog series #PrintingProfessions you’ll find all the interesting information you need to know about the industry professions.

Printing Professions

The print media industry offers a wide range of exciting occupations. Our current series #PrintingProfessions provides an overview of the most common professions. We start with the media technology specialist in the field of printing, which in Germany is a three-year apprenticeship.

The media technology specialist is responsible for controlling the entire printing process. He ensures the best printing result thanks to his know-how of the printing machines and all functional sequences. This includes a wide variety of products, like posters, packaging or wallpaper and is therefore very diverse.

Before the printing process, he is responsible for planning the print product. This also includes the creation of a printing moulde and some test prints for quality control. During the printing process, the machines are monitored and the ink metering checked. The media technologist then cleans the presses.

If you possess accuracy, fast reaction times and a good overall technical understanding, you’re well-suited for the profile of a technology specialist in the field of printing and should take a closer look at the apprenticeship in Germany.

See the German blog version for more information!

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