#PrintingProfessions – Packaging Engineer

In our series #PrintingProfessions we present jobs and career paths in the printing industry. In this episode we look at the program of studies of the Packaging Engineering and explain what you need and what you have to do to become one.

Printing Professions

In this episode of #PrintingProfessions we present the program of studies of the Packaging Engineering. We focus on the essential questions like “How and where to study it? “, “What it is the content? “ and “Where will I work after my degree?“. This blog post is perfect read for everyone interested in an exciting and diversified job in the packaging industry.

What Does a Packaging Engineer Do?

A studied Packaging Engineer can work in a very wide range of applications in various branches of the industry. As a specialist in packaging development, you can work for manufacturers, packaging manufacturers, design agencies and consulting companies for packaging alike.

With a master’s degree you can even aspire to a leading position, mostly in management, in production, sales or in the international market.

The bachelor contains two parts, the basic studies and the advanced part with a focus. The basic is quite the same at all universities and consists mainly of scientific and economic content. The focus part is more detailed and deals with aspects like production process, sustainability, management, distribution or marketing.

The master is for all, who want to get even more specialised skills and especially for those, who aim for a leading position. The focus here is on strategic aspects that are important for management, development and production, and therefor essential for leaders.

If the Packaging Engineer is not the right choice for you, we have a whole series about jobs in the printing industry. Read other episodes of #PrintingProfessions here.

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