#PrintingProfessions – Paper and Packaging Technologist

In this episode of #PrintingProfessions we present the career as Paper and Packaging Technologist. If you are looking for a stable job where you can still learn new things and evolve with your work, this might just be the right path for you.

Printing Professions

If you have seen our future technologies reportings, you might be interested in a career that can take the printing industry to the next level. As Paper and Packaging Technologist you can be part of the future of packaging! In this episode of #PrintingProfessions we will focus on this professional path.

What Does a Paper and Packaging Technologist Do?

A career as a Paper and Packaging Technologist can be very versatile. Depending on what branch of industry you choose, your job training will look different. In general, a Paper and Packaging Technologist designs and creates packaging and builds the groundwork to fulfil the ever-changing demands of the industry. It is an exciting career path, full of innovation and new technologies. Did you for example know about Jack Daniels’ use of AR in their latest packaging?

A Paper and Packaging Technologist works with heavy machinery so applicants need to be able to work in a loud environment and do their work standing up. Of course, they should have excellent mathematical reasoning and spatial coordination to follow the packaging production from design to finished product.
Typical employers are manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies, retailers, packaging producers and packaging converters. After the job training, Paper and Packaging Technologists are able to further specialize with different training opportunities.

If the Paper and Packaging Technologist is not the right choice for you, we have a whole series about jobs in the printing industry. Read other episodes of #PrintingProfessions here.

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