#PrintingProfessions: Print and Media Technician

A new month brings a new profession from the printing industry to be presented on our blog. In today’s episode of our #PrintingProfessions series, we introduce you to further education for print and media technicians and answer the essential questions about this profession.

Printing Professions

We are delighted to introduce you once again to an exciting new career path in the printing industry. In this episode, we look at the further training for print and media technicians and highlight the requirements, their future task fields as well as their various operational areas.

What Does a Print and Media Technician Do?

Print and media technicians are primarily responsible for the production of print products. This includes the planning, organisation, and monitoring of the entire production area in print shops. To this end, they acquire mathematical and technical knowledge as well as qualifications for understanding economic relationships in the continuing education program in full-time or part-time form.

What Are the Requirements and How Much Time is Needed for the Further Training as a Print and Media Technician?

Further training as a print and media technician requires a completed professional training in the printing industry and practical work experience of at least one year. Successful completion of vocational school or an equivalent level of education is also required. The full-time form lasts two years, while in part-time form it can be completed in three to four years. Upon passing the final examination, the graduate receives a state-recognised technician diploma. 

What Opportunities Do Print and Media Technicians Have After Their Training?

After successful completion of their training, print and media technicians can work in a wide range of sectors, from advertising and publishing houses to the production areas of the print and media industry. They also have the opportunity to return to vocational school to work as teachers or trainers. As you can see, further training as a print and media technician thus offers a wide range of tasks and areas of operation.

How Much Do Print and Media Technicians Earn?

The salary of a print and media technician depends mainly on the size of the employer and its location. Some of them earn only 1,800 Euro gross per month, while others are paid well over 3,000 euros gross. On average, however, the salary is around 2,500 euros gross. 

Further training as a print and media technician does not meet your interest? No problem, on the blog you will find more articles on exciting jobs in the printing industry. 

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