#PrintingProfessions – Studies in Media Informatics

In the #PrintingProfessions series, we provide insights on how to get a foodhold in the printing industry. This edition is all about the studies of media informatics.

Printing Professions

In this edition of our #PrintingProfessions series, we focus on another opportunity to enter the world of print: Media Informatics Studies. Therefore, we’ll explain how the study programme is structured, which qualifications have to be fulfilled, what the curriculum looks like and which career opportunities exist after graduation.

Long story short: Media informatic scientists plan and implement IT solutions for the creation of printed, electronic, digital or interactive communication media and provide IT support for media information systems. The possible professional fields are becoming more and more diverse. Whether software, interactive websites, (image) databases or interfaces, as a media informatic scientist you can work wherever media and computer science intermingle.

During their studies, students of media informatics become computer scientists with a focus on digital media and multimedia: For example, they learn how digital media and information systems function technically and how programs for media processing are correctly applied. In addition, the studies provide great know-how for developing, designing, implementing and supporting multimedia software, apps and applications.

In our digital era almost every company needs experts in the fields of computer science and information technology. Therefore, graduates of media information have excellent career prospects.

For more information, take a look at the German blog version.

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