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The business card for the digital age

Business cards are major networking tools even though they sometimes seem a bit old school, especially when the internet address of a person’s website is displayed in fine print without QR codes. This is about to change: Moo has launched business cards+ with embedded NFC chips that allow users to connect to mobile digital devices without additional apps.

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Printing businesses can help prevent the digital dark age

In the past few days, the news has been teeming with warnings about the “digital dark age” and an impending loss of data, documents, and images. Frequent software upgrades and the uncertain downward compatibility contribute to the risk of data being lost. Printing businesses like Mikro + Repro AG that offer long-term data management through printing, scanning, microfilm and more can help prevent this.

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Print Marketing, A Digital Champion

Marketing is an area that used to be all about print. Nowadays, it might seem like this industry has moved its efforts to digital, but print marketing is still very much alive and well. Turns out, print is actually a powerful driver, giving digital the push it needs to succeed.

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