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Magnum Vegan Printed Dress Sets an Example of Sustainable Fashion

Smooth vanilla ice cream and cracking chocolate shell: Ice cream premium brand Magnum partners up with luxury Dutch fashion designer Iris Van Herpen and model Cindy Bruna to debut the world’s first haute couture vegan 3D-printed dress. Does the globally popular ice cream brand proclaim its ambition to break into the circular fashion industry?

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Smart Cups – “The World’s First Printed Beverage”

“A waterless beverage” sounds not only futuristic but also impossible. However, this is not the case for the innovative US company Smart Cups that has developed a drink with printed ingredients in the cup. This sustainability-driven technology could be a path to the future of beverages and much more.

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Pets of the Future: The First 3D-Printed Robot Dog

robot dog

3D-printed prostheses are a thing of the past – 3D-printed dogs is the new big thing in the printing industry. Add a robotic body and the capacity for deep learning and you get Astro, the first 3D-printed robot dog that could provide people with a disability with a new sense of life.

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From Printing Roses to Flat-Pack Furniture

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University’s Morphing Matter Lab decided to use warpage to their advantage and create 4D-printed objects with it. In the future, this technology might enable flat-pack furniture manufacturers to easily ship large pieces of furniture and revolutionise the industry.

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