Augmented Reality Ads in the Facebook News Feed

With the help of augmented reality Facebook is testing a new way for advertisers to bring their products closer to their consumers. At first sight these ads look like normal in-feed ads, but they include a “tap to try it on” option, activating AR capabilities, which makes it easier for the customers to decide on a product.

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5 creative print ads

We have shown you different interactive print ads that were all engaging in some way using embedded printed electronics. But these creative print ads don't need electricty to be interactive.

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Magazine gives print a new digital face

Digital or print? Why choose when you can have both? AnOther Magazine, a fashion and lifestyle publication in the UK, is showing how combining the two can create a user experience that is unique and engages all senses. They created a special edition with a digital cover featuring a Rihanna-video and a bespoke soundtrack curated by John Gosling.

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