Pacific Daily News Sets Milestone for US Newspapers


Digitalization has an impact on many areas of our society. Even the newspaper market is affected, but not only in a negative, but also in a positive way. New digital printing presses and processes offer publishers a more efficient and flexible workflow. This development has been getting the publishers of the Pacific Daily News to rethink their production processes. In the past, this newspaper was produced with an old offset printing press built in 1968, but this has changed recently.

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Net-a-porter is a print magazine turned shopping mall

Net-a-porter is an e-commerce powerhouse that publishes the fashion magazine Porter aimed at a young audience, the so-called digital generation. So why would any company take the risk and try to capture the attention of the young minds with a print magazine? The simple answer: Because it works. Net-a-porter has shown that circulation for print magazines can rise if publishers are innovative with their products.

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Meganews kiosk prints news on demand

Newspaper and magazine publishers have been exploring new concepts to bridge the digital world and the world of tangible print products. A noteworthy innovation: Meganews developed a print-on-demand newsstand that delivers magazines directly to the customer. It thus reduces returned copies and saves resources for publishers and retailers. By printing only the copies that are actually bought, Meganews also lowers the environmental impact of newsprint.

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Abraxas’ enigma in a print ad

SAB Miller's Abraxas print ad has created magic with simple means. The interactive ad created by Wunderman Phantasia Peru asks users to turn on the LED light of their smart phones and run it behind what looks like a solid black page in ‘Lima’ magazine.

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Magazine printed with HIV+ blood to raise awareness

More than three decades after the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) was discovered, there is still a lot of prejudice surrounding the virus. That’s why the progressive Austrian men’s magazine Vangardist decided to print 3000 copies of the magazine with ink infused with HIV positive blood.

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A novel newspaper function boosts sales

Every year with the rainy season in Ecuador, newspaper sales went down. So Extra decided to do something about it. They laminated the front and back pages of the newspaper so it remained resistant to water, intact and readable even during the hardest rainstorm. Even better: The paper served not only as a source of information but also as an umbrella.

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Magazine gives print a new digital face

Digital or print? Why choose when you can have both? AnOther Magazine, a fashion and lifestyle publication in the UK, is showing how combining the two can create a user experience that is unique and engages all senses. They created a special edition with a digital cover featuring a Rihanna-video and a bespoke soundtrack curated by John Gosling.

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