Create Your Own Packaging With Short-Run Printing

Hands holding package

Production runs with hundreds of thousands of units made from a single setup are well known to be cost-effective. Once the design and equipment for printing are set up, the production is more efficient in manufacturing a larger number of units at once. This field is continuously changing with new modern digital production methods. That is why it is worth to take a look at the potential this opens up for the packaging industry.

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Adidas Announces New Running Shoe from the 3D Printer

Adidas 3d printed shoe

New developments and ongoing collaborations result in the most advanced running shoes from the 3D printer to date. The new technology and the use of the special textile upper material not only promises many advantages for the athletes but also shows how a successful cooperation between creatives and manufacturers can be realised.

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Personalized Printed Covers by ELLE

Elle magazine teamed up with their printer Quad/Graphics and global player HP to create 50,000 personalized covers with an outstanding offset-like quality to create a real attention attracting marketing campaign.

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Seeing the Unseen With Ink

Who thought that ink was just a means to put thoughts on paper or pretty up garments will be put right when meeting Lauren Bowker – the founder of a London design house where ink visualizes the unseen.

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Meganews kiosk prints news on demand

Newspaper and magazine publishers have been exploring new concepts to bridge the digital world and the world of tangible print products. A noteworthy innovation: Meganews developed a print-on-demand newsstand that delivers magazines directly to the customer. It thus reduces returned copies and saves resources for publishers and retailers. By printing only the copies that are actually bought, Meganews also lowers the environmental impact of newsprint.

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HP Brazil’s campaign helps find missing persons

When a person goes missing, time becomes a highly critical factor. The sooner the information about a missing person can be disseminated, the higher are the chances the person can be found. The NGO Mães da Sé aims to provide assistance to affected families and to mothers in particular who have to cope with missing children. Now, the NGO receives help from HP Brazil through the Imprima para Ajudar (Print to help) campaign.

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Personalized airline magazine grabs readers’ attention

The passengers of a TAM airline flight from Milan to Sao Paulo were in for a surprise. On each seat, there was an onboard magazine featuring a picture of the passenger assigned to the specific seat on the cover. The content was personalized with articles about each passenger’s hobbies, favorite destinations and friends – made possible with the help of Facebook.

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Customized packaging for individualized cereal

When the three students created MyMuesli.com, an online shop for individualized cereal, it quickly became a much talked about phenomenon. Their customers can combine 80 ingredients and create 566 trillion different cereal mixes ranging from oats with raisins to coconut with goji berries. Now, they are offering customized cans that are printed right in the shop in one of their flagship stores in Heidelberg, Germany.

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Katjes uses 3D printing to connect with customers

As the technology advances, many companies have started to use 3D printing for prototyping, product design and manufacturing. German candy-maker Katjes is adding a new dimension to the mix: It is using the world’s first food-grade 3D gummy printer to print customized gummy candy and to connect with its customers.

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