The Right Temperature – DHL and Blulog Develop Innovative Monitoring Solution

The logistics company DHL partnered up with the French-Polish company Blulog to optimize supply chain processes with the help of a temperature monitoring system. Therewith it is possible to send temperature-sensitive packages internationally under authorised conditions.

Maintaining the high quality of goods that need to be transported at a certain temperature is one of the most crucial challenges for the entire logistics industry. DHL services in this field are essential for businesses in various industries such as FMCG, medicine, pharmaceuticals (e.g. vaccines, medications), biochemistry, etc. The logistics company has been searching for a solution that would allow to easily and efficiently monitor the condition of perishable goods along with the conditions under which they were stored and transported. The DHL SmartSensor team looked at many different solutions and finally chose to cooperate with Blulog. The French-Polish company offers a customized system based on NFC technology.

Tracking Temperature via Smartphone or Logger

Blulog’s NFC temperature loggers are pre-programmed with specific shipment and stability information. They are integrated into the DHL SmartSensor solution for temperature-controlled shipments. First, the measurement process must be activated by pressing the start button. This can be done manually on the logger or virtually via app. During the transport, the logger can track the temperature with an accuracy of ± 0.2°C between 0 and 30°C using fully calibrated sensors. Then, the receiver can check the temperature curve at any time using a smartphone or a specially developed reader with NFC technology.

If the temperature drops or rises too much during transport, a red diode switches on and alerts the receiver. The NFC logger is read at least four times during the transport. The data is uploaded and securely stored in a cloud database to which the recipient has access to.

NFC Technology as an Universal Solution

“Thanks to the speed and flexibility of the Blulog NFC solution, DHL can decrease the time spent to check the temperature history of the shipments and, as a result, save costs, but also allows customers equipped with the dedicated App to get the information”

– explains Christopher Fuss, Head of DHL SmartSensor.

The system enables precise tracking of temperature and schedule data. The intuitive user interface and the easy handling of the NFC technology make the solution universal and ready for use.

The NFC data loggers offer even more advantages. They are passive and can therefore also be used in aircraft, while all devices using Bluetooth or other active transmission must be validated by airlines. In addition, they are cost-effective and consume relatively little battery power, says Jeremy Laurens, CEO of Blulog.

DHL SmartSensor has already purchased several thousand NFC loggers to monitor temperature-controlled shipments and will continue to expand its business.

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