Video Interview with Sabine Geldermann and Birgit Horn in the Run-Up to drupa preview and glasstec VIRTUAL

In the run-up to glasstec VIRTUAL and drupa preview, our colleagues from the MD Stories team spoke to Sabine Geldermann and Birgit Horn via video conference about these new, digital offers, that give a glimpse of the two fairs next year.

It has been challenging times recently, also for Messe Düsseldorf, which required creativity towards digital concepts. After glasstec VIRTUAL drupa is now presenting some exciting sessions and tools in virtual form during the drupa preview day as teaser for drupa’s upcoming edition in April 2021 on October 27. In its Conference Area, Exhibition Space and Networking Plaza there are various services waiting for participants, such as interactive live web sessions or virtual meeting rooms. 

In an interview for the Messe Düsseldorf blog Sabine Geldermann (Project Director drupa) and Birgit Horn (Project Director glasstec, A+A & tasc) talked about the ideas and challenges behind these new digital fair concepts and also addressed their commonalities. All of our German-speaking readers are welcome to have a look at the German version of our blog or at the original article in the MD Stories.

Header picture © Messe Düsseldorf/ctillmann

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