World’s First Hybrid Printing Paper

German paper manufacturer Hahnemühle has created the world’s first hybrid printing paper made from hemp fibres, showing it off in Frankfurt last year. It is made from 100% renewable sources.

World’s First Hybrid Printing Paper

German paper manufacturer Hahnemühle has launched what it claims to be the world’s first hybrid printing paper manufactured from hemp fibres. At the Frankfurt Book Fair last year the business presented the new uncoated paper for brochure and book. It is designed for analogue offset, high-speed inkjet and other flexible digital printing systems.

Made From Sustainable Sources

Heidemarie Hinger, product and business development manager at Hahnemühle, said:

“It is the first paper made from sustainable hemp fibres grown in Europe for environmentally conscious print products. It captivates with the authenticity and haptics of a paper made from sustainable hemp fibres. Hahnemühle hemp paper delivers outstanding results in text, photo and image printing for authors, agencies, print providers and publishers.”

The energy used to manufacture the paper comes exclusively from 100% renewable sources. The hemp paper is manufactured with pure spring water which Hahnemühle has used since it was founded at its production facility in a natural reserve. The water flows into a river, which is followed by a largely closed paper machine cycle, free from chemical cleaning agents, preservatives or biocides.

H is for HEMP

The paper was developed solely for printing the book H is for HEMP, which is a hemp encyclopaedia by author and photographer Maren Krings.

“With my worldwide photo documentation and research on hemp, I want to encourage people to leave their comfort zone and get involved in proactive problem solving of our socio-ecological crisis.”


“Finding a hemp paper to print my book was part of my commitment to make my own work more sustainable and to use hemp wherever possible.”

The hemp paper is vegan, acid-free and available in 280gsm and 80gsm grammages and in rolls up to 50 inches. Hahnemühle said it is usable for HP PageWide web presses and HP Indigo sheetfed digital presses.

“Hahnemühle’s hemp paper exceeded my expectations, offering a beautiful tactile and sensory experience and giving the book a fresh and completely new look. At the same time, it closes the loop of protecting native forests and finding alternative raw materials for papermaking.”

Have you heard of other papers produced from alternative materials? If so, what is your opinion on this one or others? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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